Easter egg design with Eggbot & CNC Egg Decorating


Easter egg design with Eggbot & CNC Egg Decorating

Decorating eggs is an age old past time for children, especially in the spring when it starts getting close to Easter(easter egg design). Traditionally, you would take an egg and color it by hand. But like many older past times, this task has been made faster, better and more efficient through the innovation of modern technology. This particular CNC machine may have a very specific function but it is a basic machine that serves as a good way to teach CNC technologies to children and young adults. The name of this machine is the EggBot.

The original EggBot dates back to 1990 when the inventor of the machine, Bruce Shapiro, came up with the idea. Shapiro wanted to build a simple machine that could use stepper motor technology to draw on round objects. With Easter coming up he selected eggs as the object he would work with, dubbing his invention the Ovagraph. Over time the EggBot was improved and used in an educational setting to teach students about mechanics, electronics and software that can be used to create motion control systems. In 2009 work began to develop a DIY kit for the Eggbot. In 2010 the kit was upgraded, resulting in version 2.0 of the machine. More recently released is the Eggbot Pro, which became available in the fall of 2014.

Eggbot and cnc machine Decorating (easter egg design)

Egg designed with Eggbot (easter egg design)

In addition to eggs, the Eggbot can print on just about any round surface if the proper adjustments are made. This CNC machine can be used to decorate ornaments, light bulbs, golf ball, miniature pumpkins and more. The machine is built to be easily customizable and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. It is controlled using the software Inkscape (a freeware illustration program), allowing users to draw pictures, trace existing images and import designs from other programs & files. While the most common use of the Eggbot is to draw on eggs or similar objects with a pen there is also a hot wax dispenser accessory. Additionally, there is a diamond engraving tool that can be used on stone, glass and other hard materials.

Four different versions of the Eggbot are available: Basic, Deluxe, Pro and Ostrich. The Basic Eggbot is a fiberglass machine sold as an assembly kit. It is fairly light (less than 2 lbs.) and uses nylon thumbscrews. The Basic sells for $195. The Deluxe Eggbot is very similar to the Basic. The main difference is that it uses brass thumbscrews and weighs slightly more than the Basic does. It sells for $220 and is the most popular version of the Eggbot.

The Pro is the newest version of the Eggbot and features several upgrades. This version is made from aluminum and features a finer finish. It also comes pre-assembled and utilizes quick release thumbscrews. It is a bit heavier than its predecessors (a little over 3 lbs.) and the main downside is that it cannot work with objects as large as what the other machines can work with. The Pro sells for $325. Lastly there is the Ostrich. This version was built to work with larger objects, such as ostrich eggs as opposed to chicken eggs, and is made from MDF. Beyond the size increase its capabilities are much the same as the Deluxe version. The Ostrich sells for $250.

All versions of the Eggbot use a universal-input power supply and utilize a USB cable to connect with computers. These machines are sold on multiple websites, the most prominent of which is Evil Mad Scientist (http://shop.evilmadscientist.com/). More in-depth details about it and its history can be found on the official Eggbot website (http://egg-bot.com/).

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easter egg design with Eggbot & CNC Egg Decorating
Eggbot is invented to decorated egg. basically eggbot use for easter projects. Eggbot invented in 1990.

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