maintaining your CNC machine


maintaining your CNC machine

CNC machine is not different that requires maintenance to keep running properly and a CNC machine is not different. Before you get to work remember to take some simple safety precautions for your machine. Use safety goggles to protect your eyes and wear shoes that are resistant to oil to avoid slipping. In addition to oil make sure your area is clear of chips and coolant spills as they can trip you just as easily. Small or hanging pieces of equipment, such as coolant hoses, can also cause tripping so watch out for those too. Avoid wear long sleeves, ties or any other loose clothes that could get caught in cnc machine. If you have long hair tie it back or wear a hair net for the same reason. Make sure that cutting tools, holders and any other part of the machine that can move has been tightened securely before moving anything. The power to your cnc machine should be off at all times while maintaining or repairing your machine. If for some reason you must have the power on while working use extreme caution.

CNC machine(maintaining)

CNC Machine(maintaining)

Once the general area and you yourself have been made safe do a safety check on your machine itself before starting maintenance. Check the voltage and current, clamping stocks and clamping devices and the oil levels of the lubricant and hydraulic tanks of your machine. After checking the machine over clean anything that does not meet satisfactory conditions. Also check the main pressure and clamping pressure of the hydraulic/pneumatic system. If necessary apply lubricant to the clamping device. Job the slides around a bit to check the sliding movement. Make sure the lubricant and coolant systems are working properly and can distribute fluid (or whatever it is you use) to the machine.

cnc machine

CNC Machine spindles

Many of the potential problems that can plague you and your CNC machine can be avoided with a bit of preventive maintenance. Keeping the machine clean, as we have already discussed, is a huge part of preventive maintenance. If you clean your cnc machine semi-frequently it can take a while to complete each cleaning. However, if you perform a cleaning each time you use your cnc machine it should only take you a few minutes each time. Regular cleaning not only keeps your machine in tip-top shape but also prevents rusting or other discoloration. Spending a little time to wipe your cnc machine down with a rag soaked in kerosene or clear mineral oil is well worth those few minutes in the long run. When you are cleaning you should never use cleaning compounds; the abrasion from cleaning compounds can ruin the finish on your cnc machine. You should also not use any kind of air system when cleaning. The pressure from an air system can drive chips, dirt and other residue into bearing surfaces.
Maintenance can (and often should) be followed at regular intervals. Different types of maintenance(maintaining) are best for your cnc machine performed after a certain amount of time. For every 8 hours your cnc machine is run, clean the slideways and check the slideway lubrication and the hydraulic oil reservoir levels. Every 40 hours you should give your cnc machine a cleaning, as described in the above paragraphs. After 160 hours your cnc machine oil filters need to be cleaned. You should also check the air tight seal on the electronic cabinet and make sure nothing has gotten inside. The screws on your terminal boards and relays can also be checked for tightness at this point. Once you have exceeded 1000 hours of operation with your cnc machine check over the drive motor belts for wear, tension and deterioration. Clean and wash all the way wipers and check their wear as well. Your hydraulic oil reservoir will likely need to be changed out so drain it, flush it and refill it with fresh oil. Follow these basic guidelines will make your machine last a lot longer. Plus the time and money you save on a little maintenance will be much less than what a big repair or a whole new machine would cost you.

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maintaining your CNC machine
CNC machine is not different that requires maintenance to keep running properly and a CNC machine is not different. Before you get to work remember to take some simple(maintaining)

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