Review of the Badog Artisan 22 swiss made router


Badog Swiss Artisan 22

            The Badog Swiss Artisan 22 is made by the company Badog CNC, a small Swiss CNC company founded in 2007. Badog CNC may not be the oldest or largest CNC machine company out there but they certainly get the job done. Their starting goal was to make a lightweight, locally produced machine that could get heavy-duty jobs done without killing customer’s wallets.

Review of the Badog Artisan 22 swiss made router

Review of the Badog Artisan 22 swiss made router

Nothing at Badog CNC is outsourced; the company and its team members do everything on their own from marketing to sales to manufacturing by assembling hardware, software and anything else that they need themselves. As a result, manufacturing costs are significantly lower for them than for many other companies and those savings are reflected in the lower prices of their products. Their machines may not be able to compete with the prices of something from China or other countries in that area but their machines have significantly better performance in comparison; the performance levels of their machines are equal to other Western made machines that can cost significantly more. The second machine produced by the company was the Badog Swiss Artisan 22 (also known as the Badog X3). This machine is one of the premier CNC machines on the market; Badog CNC themselves actually use the Swiss Artisan 22 to manufacture new Swiss Artisan 22s.

            Badog CNC sells the Swiss Artisan 22 for CHF8,000 ($8723.63) and that alone should tell you how well the machine can perform. This was the first machine produced by Badog CNC that was designed for heavy-duty work by professional machinists. Utilizing a ball screw drive train and full support for all axes, this machine was built to function and maintain high levels of accuracy and precision in even the most hazardous machining environments. The silent ball bearing drive train assists in ensuring that precision remains top notch down the entire length of the machine. Individuals who order the machine will receive a T-table to secure the table pieces, a 4-axis MicroNC control module, a milling spindle, rubber dampers, operating software, and ball screws to support of the axes. The Swiss Artisan 22 best with wood, aluminum and plastics on mass production projects as well as prototyping projects. Tasks that the machine can perform are varied; it can cut clean through materials or engrave surfaces, among many other tasks.

            The machine itself is 618mm across the x-axis, 919mm across the y-axis and 557mm across the z-axis while the table itself is 500mm x 800mm. Cutting size can be adjusted depending on the configuration of the machine. Rail diameter for all three axes measures at 16mm. Microsteps can be set at 1/2, 1/8, 1/16 or 1/32. The spindle is capable of operating at speeds between 2000 and 3500 mm/min. The power supply requires an input of 230 volts to operate the three stepper motors used on the machine. In addition to the basic functions of the machine, there are also several add-ons available. A Kress 1050 W can be added for CHF400 ($436.18) and a 4p5 kW milling spindle with an inverter can be added for CHF3,900 ($4252.77). Two less powerful, and cheaper, spindles (both of which also each include an inverter) are also available; a 1p5 kW air spindle for CHF800 ($872.36) and a 2p2 kW air spindle for CHF1,100 ($1199.50).

            While this is a very good machine, it is unfortunately not sold internationally; the Swiss Artisan 22 is only available for purchase in Switzerland. Individuals who do purchase the machine can order is pre-assembled or with modifications. The speeds, precision and other settings on the machine can be altered in order to meet exact customer specification. With the machines being completely produced in-house, you can order with full confidence that your specifications will be met.

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Badog Artisan 22 swiss made router
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